piaoling  2013-10-25 17:56:43 How to get the surfers country using PHP? Most coders need to tackle this problem sooner or later. There are several options out there. There is even a package called GeoIP Location. However, since this does not come with most default installations, it may not be your best choice. A company called Maxmind specializes in professional GeoIP solutions. However, when you dig through their website, you can find that they also provide some free databases and free code. I will show you how to use this free stuff in a portable......

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piaoling  2013-02-04 11:06:17


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jquery sheetTOP

piaoling  2011-08-02 17:53:39


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email content filter double mail send

piaoling  2018-02-27 16:59:39

add -o receive_override_options=no_address_mappings smtp inet n - - - - smtpd -o content_filter=spamassassin -o receive_override_options=no_address_mappings Most likely you have a content filter and the always_bcc is being called both before and after the content filter. Customise the smtpd either before or after the content filter to include -o receive_override_options=no_address_mappings (Note that options in mas......

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阿里云 Ubuntu 支持 IPv6 的完整步骤

piaoling  2017-12-08 12:15:10

使用 Hurricane Electric Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker 来让阿里云服务器支持 IPv6 前几天提交新版 iOS App 被拒,原因是在 IPv6 only 的环境下无法使用。但阿里云的 ECS 并不支持 IPv6,只提供 IPv4 的 IP。好在 Hurricane Electric (下文简称 HE)提供免费的 IPv6 通道,基本够用了。 先说下 ECS 的基本环境: 操作系统:Ubuntu 前端服务器:Nginx 启用 IPv6 的主要有四步: 注册并创建 IPv6 通道 配置 ECS 使其支持 IPv6 ......

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piaoling  2017-03-03 12:53:51

wget --user-agent Mozilla/5.0 --cookies=on --load-cookies=cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=cookie.txt '' "url" -O --no-check-certificate......

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piaoling  2017-02-28 17:51:34

wget --user-agent Mozilla/5.0 --cookies=on --load-cookies=cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=cookie.txt '' -O --no-check-certificate......

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piaoling  2016-08-04 13:36:09

magento性能优化的教程(非常详细) Magento是一套专业开源的电子商务系统,Magento设计得非常灵活,具有模块化架构体系和丰富的功能但有朋友会发现此模块用到了会发现非常的缓慢了,那么下面我们来看关于magento性能优化的例子。 前面优化 mod_deflate模块,将text、 css 和 javascript 先进行压缩再发送到浏览器。这样就会减少网络下载量,缩短等待时间,示例如下: # Insert filter on all content     SetOutputFilter DEFLATE     # Insert ......

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piaoling  2016-06-28 11:39:58

1、将文件checkout到本地目录 svn checkout path(path是服务器上的目录) 例如:svn checkout svn:// 简写:svn co 2、往版本库中添加新的文件 svn add file 例如:svn add test.php(添加test.php) svn add *.php(添加当前目录下所有的php文件) 3、将改动的文件提交到版本库 svn commit -m “LogMessage“ [-N] [--no-unlock] PATH(如果选择了保持锁,就使用–no-unlock开关) 例如:svn commit -m “add test file for my test“ test.php 简写:svn ci 4、加锁/解锁 svn lock -m “LockMessage“ [--force] ......

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piaoling  2016-03-09 16:12:43


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